Ask Luckey: Straight Men Like It Up The Booty Too…

Dear Luckey,

I wanted to know your opinion on straight guys who enjoy anal play with not only fingers but also long toys and plugs. I just think there’s something so peculiar yet sexy about a straight dude who likes butt play, but what are your thoughts?


Dear Nick,

I know I joke on this blog about straight men doing “gay” shxt but to be honest, I don’t judge them nor do I find it weird that they like anal stimulation. Some people, male or female, gay or straight like the pleasure of anal play. For men, they like how it feels when their prostate is massage.

Personally, I don’t get into getting my love walls played with. Hell sometimes I struggle with shxt coming out of me (pun so why would I want a big ol piece of meat (or plastic) going up my butt? I’ve tried it from time to time and I just don’t get any pleasure out of it although I can take it like the best of them.

I think a lot of the entertainers do it for the money as well because lets face it we want to see it.

I think a lot of men, gay or straight are coming to terms with their inner freak and not afraid of what people may think anymore. Labels are for boxes anyway. Let these straight boys play with their bootyhole…


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