DeepSmashedATL UnMasked..

So I just shocked the shit out of myself just now. As y’all know Sunday thru Wednesday is my work day so I don’t get to update as much because I be so damn tired but I had to give y’all this update right quick before I hope back into bed.

So I was watching one of my favorite Youtubers WadeTVShow. He isn’t as well known as your faves on Youtube but he gives good reviews and not bad on the eyes. I believe he is/was an exotic dancer and masseur from South Florida.

Anyway, I was watching one of his latest videos and notice the lights in his background.

I remember seeing those same lights before but I couldn’t put my mind on where I found them…

And then it dawn on me….

DeepSmashedATL aka the king of ski-masked amateur porn stars, had those same lights in it’s background…

As a matter of fact, the whole background is exactly the same as WadeTVShow..

You let me find out Wade is responsible for DeepSmashedATL

With them Youtube checks drying up, I am not shocked that our faves on Youtube are secretly venturing into the porn world.

I just found out Wesley from AConnectionTV is working closely with Breed It Raw which might explains why he is able to get all those interviews and he has his own FAN page now.

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