Ask Luckey: Who Is The Next Diksukka….

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Hey Luckey,

So I thought I go back to a sucksessful oralist and bring to the Grace’s of Diksukka. He had some great raw vids. Do you know or think anyone has every touched the rawness and hotness of his amateur vids? Especially the one that had that dude with elephant be trunk…I’m still floored by that vid..


Dear Jay,

DikSukka is legendary. I don’t think there have been anybody who was able to make a name for himself sucking dicks in the cellar and people actually like it. Mind you, this is before people had fan pages and you watched porn on Xtube. I forget that “straight” dude’s name but he was infamous for his sexy moans. Of course as you know, he is now fucking with chicks now…

You can probably find him in this CUMpilation video…

Anyway, there was this dude from ATL who’s name escapes me but he had a series of videos of him sucking dick in various places. Ironically I have met and chilled with him several times (no he did not suck my dick….LOL) and you would have never known he was the same dude.

And then there is 7Bambi18 who has been around for a while now. He has since gain about 30 pounds but I think the “mens” like it and I’m not complaining. Anyway he likes to suck and get fucked by various random dudes. His videos features everything from toe sucking to even a hint of scat. I am not sure if he is on Diksukka’s level but y’all might enjoy him.


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