Ask Luckey: Tim Kruger

Dear Luckey,

I asked you this once before, but I forgot what your response was. How do you feel about Tim Kruger? I know a lot of black guys don’t like interracial gay porn, especially if the bottom is black. But I can’t help but like Tim. He tops men of all nationalities, and he seems to really enjoy being with them. Plus, unlike some “total tops” he’s always rock hard! Also, if you follow Chaturbate any, please check out these two men: Czar-Yep and Jordan Unscripted. Two fine-ass men (with insane bubble-butts) in their own unique ways!


Dear SeventysBaby,

I don’t recall you ever asking me about Tim Kruger.

Anyway, I don’t really think much of him other than the fact that I think he has one of the biggest white dicks I have ever seen and he is a sexy redheaded white dude. I used to promote his content on my blog back in the day but stop because his team sent me a DMCA over a preview clip I got from their affiliate site. I’m sure it was a big misunderstanding as MyVidster was starting to feature stolen porn and producers were nervous about their shit being out there. The whole incident turned me off and I just never promoted their stuff again until now. He has managed to fuck every single flavor of the month and I am so hear for it. I notice he has not done bareback although his site features it.

I am going to check those guys out. Can you send me the link to their rooms?


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