Ask Luckey: Carlito aka Sho Nuff & Kapone

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Hi Luckey!

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You know, just like you, I love my chocolate men, but there are a few redbones that I couldn’t get enough of back in the day: Carlito (aka Sho Nuff) and Kapone X. I love the fact that they were both verse, but they seemed to prefer getting fucked, especially Kapone X. I remember Kapone seemed to be DawgPoundUSA’s go-to power bottom before Sarge came along. I also read a while back that he and Rogue were in a relationship at one point but broke up because Kapone was a wild child. Now, Carlito was my sweetheart. I always thought he was a firecracker in his scenes, (his moans when he bottomed always get me hard!) I remember how he put a Twitter user on blast a couple years back- and gained my respect – for being disrespectful towards City Bwoi in the wake of his untimely passing. SO what are your thoughts on them, and do you by chance know anything about them? Thanks as always!


Dear Seventysbaby,

Kapone and Carlito are two of my favorite porn performers as well. I want to be clear that I love ALL shades of melanin and they are definitely no exception. Although they aren’t the typical THICK men that I get into, I do appreciate their work in the industry. I didn’t know Kapone dated Rogue by the way. I wonder what that was like..

Kapone was definitely THAT bottom along with Kidd (now Icon Kidd).

I remember that video Carlito put up. I uploaded the video to my channel. He was letting that troll HAVE it and rightfully so. I admire the fact that he was so open about his sexual nature and drug use. He owned everything he does and I can’t help but commend that. People think they can say ANYTHING about porn performers and think they won’t clap back. Carlito is that dude you don’t want to mess with…

I hope they are doing well whatever they are doing these days.


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