Ask Luckey: Montez’s Promotion On BlackBoyAddictionz

Hey Luckey,

I am a fan of black boy addictionz and I know you have your favorites there too. I was curious what you thought of Michael G new business partner Montez. Look like bba is trying to expand with that new director and Michael G announced his new fulltime partner. And he is black lol. Do you think thats a PR move to make bba more appealing to the black audience?


Dear Kevin,

I heard about that and to be honest I am happy for Montez. I don’t who has been directing the scenes lately but it has been a major step up and should be commended. I don’t know if this decision was made based on race and politics or Montez’s talent but I will say this…Good for him.

Being a producer and trying to keep everything together by yourself can be a bit much. Montez was very instrumental in helping Michael get BBA out there to the masses so he deserves to be promoted. My ONLY issue is the title of the site…Black BOY Addictionz…I just can’t seem to rock with that but it’s not my business so…

I just hope it’s not another Phil/Rock situation though. Let me shut up because I am already saying too much as it is..

You can read the announcement here!


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