So Is This Matthew Ryan Dude Suppose To Be Straight Or Nah…

I must admit I am really confused about the straight dudes these days. Back in my day, you were either a top or a bottom. You were either gay or straight…and maybe Bi or trans attracted.

These days straight dudes are becoming more gayer than homosexuals. They calling it being sexually fluid. I call it keeping the lights on.

The basement schooled me on Matthew Ryan. Apparently, he is a straight dude that is featured on 1997JayDee GlobalBronsEnt videos on connectpal and onlyfans.

Here he is flopping his dick with some other dude..

He definitely got a thing for pussy but then shit got gay real quick.

And another video of him playing with a vibrator…

A few videos of Khi Lavene lickin’ his booty…

I figured that’s not TOO gay until somebody sent me this…

Hmmm a WHOLE dick in his booty…

But in all seriousness, whatever floats his boat. Gay or not he is a hottie and I wouldn’t mind checking his videos out.

I don’t like to play ‘straight boys’ booty though. They don’t know how to clean their “chitterling” good and Im not here for the brownie surprise.

Oh yea he has a Chaturbate too..

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