Apollo Might Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To BBA…

Y’all probably going to nail me to the cross with this one but I am going to say it anyway….

Apollo might be the best thing to ever happen to BBA.

Now many performers have come and gone and we can debate all day as to who is better than the other.

There is something about Apollo that stands out and his latest scene with newcomer Mar proves my point.

Aside from his cam shows under the alias Slong Johnson, Apollo manage to take a whole year off of filming and STILL come back with a HOT scene. I wasn’t too crazy about his other scene with Manny Killa (he should give up the booty before I give my final thought on him).

Now I am going to give credit where it is due. BBA‘s cinematic efforts have definitely been a step up lately. Everything about this scene was perfect…the pair up with Mar….the passion…the chemistry. They sucked and licked every inch of each other’s bodies. You can tell they were into each other. Who ever shot and edited that scene deserves a raise.

Apollo can do no wrong in my book which is strange because he isn’t even my type (although I can understand why y’all love him). Maybe it’s that country accent of his.

Michael better take good care of him so he doesn’t venture off elsewhere.

We need a fan page from Apollo immediately…

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