So They’re Really Making Incest A Thing…

So aparently Jairo and Tom Perez are blood brothers…

“These strapping siblings (one year apart in age) have been drilling each other since they were kids in rural Mexico. Today they bro-ball for the men who idolize them in exclusive sex clubs throughout Mexico and South America. We proudly present the brothers’ insatiable incestuous passion for the gooning pleasure of our diehard filth pigs around the globe. In addition to the scorching incest action, MEXICAN BROTHER-FUCKERS is an in-your-face, up-your-hole experience of pure Latino cock-worshipping mansex. We found these studs prowling Mexico City’s seediest bars, bathrooms, sex clubs and fuck stops. True to our world-famous tradition, every scene is a cum-dripping ass-ruining fuckfest. MEXICAN BROTHER-FUCKERS re-infuses manfucking with primal animal wildness. You’re gonna goon over this one a fuck-of-a-lot!”

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