Ask Luckey: Jessica Kohinoor Formerly Known As “Jacob”

Hey Luckey,
How are you? I was on Facebook and someone posted recent photos of Jacob Kohinoor and the photos of him as woman were really gorgeous. Now mind you I wasn’t too crazy for his look as “Jessica” but in these photos he was giving full realness. I know that you have often mentioned him on your Blog but I was wondering if you know whether or not he has fully transitioned. I recall him mentioning in an Interview that he did that Jacob wasn’t really who he was and that the new drag thing was allowing him to be who he wanted to be.


Dear AD

I knew this subject was going to come sooner or later.  I don’t know Jessica well  ( We went to a Beyonce/Jay Z concert  back in 2014). I have supported her projects heavily in the past and toward the end I notice she was dressing up in her skits. At first I thought nothing of it because she was known for switching it up from time to time. To be honest, I didn’t take her serious at first because she was always acting.  Apparently it’s not an act and regardless I am beyond happy for her and wish her continued success. Living the transgender life can be difficult and I give them the ultimate respect. My question for her would be is that ass real.


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