Ask Luckey: Topher Di’Maggio Rape Scandal

Hey Luckey!

Hope all is well. Have you heard about Topher Di’Maggio? Here’s the link to the story. He’s being accused of rape. This article is about the 2nd victim to come forward. I don’t know if the story has any merit, but it’s interesting reading. 🙂

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Dear ME,

I heard of this story when it broke and considering the whole #MeToo movement, I figured it would be just a matter of time before it would trickle down into the adult industry. Unfortunately cases like this happen often in the adult industry but it’s not something that is talked about often because of the shame and embarrassment.

It always seems like when one person comes out and accuses someone of rape, then there is a whole bandwagon of accusers coming out of the woodwork and at least two of the accusers could be lying.

Apparently a third person has come forward and accused porn star Topher DiMaggio of rape and I’m sure before this month is over there will be more.  I mean Jupiter in Scorpio is still in effect.

I wanted to wait it out and see what transpired before making my own judgement. So far it’s not looking good for Topher DiMaggio.


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