Gio Opens Up..

As y’all know Gio has been going through it in silence for quite some time now. Breakups are never easy but Gio has been making it in strives.

He recently open up about the last few months..

5 months ago i found myself in the midst of a very dark time in my life. No one knew. I didn’t want anyone to know what i was going thru. I just continued working, grinding and doin my best to keep my head up. I remember just loosing weight over n over n over and just drinkin my shakes to MAINTAIN! Crying, screaming and feelin alone beyond words. Without going into detail, i was Newley single, dealing with the after math on that sent me thru the roof,. Being in a whole city, no family no friends just me. It’s crazy that how a simple photo can capture TRUE emotion no matter how much you try to hide it. I secretly hit rock bottom mentally…and damn there physically. drinkin to drown to pain, smoking to disconnect, quiet and smiling to show the real truth. I was 150 lbs in that picture , now I’m almost 200lbs. Stress and drama free with a healthy mind and physical well being. You can see the difference from when people DONT REALLY CARE and just are content with letting you “get by” VS having people who TRULY DO CARE that not only push you, but encourage you…DAILY, and that i can actually admire to look up to TO elevate myself and life for the BETTER!💯But when u stay focused, never give up, keep God first, REMOVE YOURSELF from toxicity blessings will come your way. Moral to the story is this;never allow any human have that much control and power of your life. Yes depression is something i battle and it is hard, but it no longer controls my life. Whether it may be your Friend, mom, boyfriend, bff whatever.! YOU are in control! I don’t think i ever felt this sexy and confident in my life. @wesleyhphotos @aconnectiontv u made that happen and for that i thank you! Goin back on camera after all these months was worth it! ((Ps thank you all for the mad love and supprt💯🙌🏾❤️)) #Model #L4L #dominicanpride #PuertoRicanPride #Blatino #MixedBreed #Gainz #GymRat #GymLife #HealthAndFitness #EatCleanTrainDirty #GioTheDancer #Chulo #BlackMenWinning #ExoticMaleDancer #MaleStripper #Sexy #Orlando #SecureYourBag #GiovanniValentino #NowBooking #Instagay #SexyBlackGayMen #SurpremeBlackMen #SelfMade #PABLO #DirtyTalkSeries #Atlanta #HdProductionsNetwork

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