Ask Luckey: Xaddy Corvinus (@xaddycorvinus)

Dear Luckey,

Thought I was done for today LoL… What do you think about a new Kat named Xaddy Cornivus? He’s handsome, chocolate, totes a fat ass…And he’s VERSE! I don’t think he’s done any work for a major studio yet but he has a hot Onlyfans page. Just curious.


Dear SB,

You made my entire day. I need some Xaddy in my life right now…at least in my head.

I think I have seen his face around the city but never really knew of him and I am glad I missed the short bus because NOW is the time….LOL!

As y’all know I like thick but I can appreciate a slim thick dude with a big ol’ country bumpkin’ ass. He got one of those high booties..LOL! The kind of booty only made in the deep Deep DEEEP south where granny fed you greens, neckbones and cornbread…don’t forget the pot liquor.

He is from ATL so I guess that’s close enough.

He is an exotic dancer as well.

I see he don’ fucked Fiji’s ass…LOL He is another tall muthafucka with freak appeal.

And then there is Max Konnor..

JD Blackstone…

Here is a sample of his fan page..

He is also featured on DeepsmashedATL site..

He seems cool. I will keep my eye on him.


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