Ask Luckey: Chino Blac (@Chino_blac)



Hi Luckey!

First of all, I hope your “baby” is doing better. Now, what are your thoughts on Chino Blacc? I swear he’s just a crazy-sexy bundle of chocolatey goodness, and I just love him! I follow him on Twitter. My favorite scene is the one he did with Texas Bull. He’s stepped away from porn to focus on other things. His decision, of course, but I hope he comes back.


Dear SB,

Thank you for your concern about the bae bae. She is much better and chillin next me as we take advantage of my off day.

Chino Blac is that kinda of chocolate that you can’t wait to eat on Easter Sunday.


I bet if you lick him too many times you might get cavity or two. Built like a stack of chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday morning.  They don’t make em like him often.

Everybody knows that I love me some thickems *In my Phaedra Parks voice*

I knew of Chino Blac before he got into the porn industry. I remember seeing his videos floating around Tumblr. My favorite clip of him was when he was getting dicked down on the picnic table in broad daylight.


I like that scene with Texas Bull (another chocolate thickems) and EWS‘s scene with Dee-Lite (minus the bleached hair)

Chino Blac could do no wrong in my book.

I heard he is taking a break from the porn industry and if that’s what he needs right now then good for him.

I am not too worried about it.

He will always be around.



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