Dear Luckey,

I was browsing the old website for Taggaz, and there were a few stars that captured my attention, one in particular named Rogue. He’s got this masculinity that’s rough but sexy, and he’s versatile. Any tea on him? What’s he up to now?


Dear Nick,

Rogue was one of my faves too. He reminds me of that ol kat that you see in the streets that hounds you to buy his “gas” bags but behind closed doors he is a big ol’ power bottom. He said he chose the name Rogue because he likes the way Xmen character take people’s power. He got his start in porn while dating fellow porn legend Capone and he was a manager at a fitness gym. He also was an exotic dancer. The Philly native started out with DawgpoundUSA but eventually ventured into bareback porn, working with MachoFucker & BlackBreeders. Outside of porn at the time, he moonlights as an event planner and even had some inventions patented. He said when he retired from porn, he wanted to be a motivational speaker. He is on Facebook too and is active on there.

I hope I was able to give you enough “tea” on him.


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