Ask Luckey: Rapper Ja Rule Calls Fellow Rapper 50 Cent A Power Bottom…

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Hi, Mr. Luckey,

An article caught my attention and I wonder what you and the other readers think about it, if you think it’s worth commenting on. Rapper Ja Rule Calls 50 Cent A ‘Power Bottom’ In Homophobic Twitter Rant One might wonder how Ja Rule would be familiar with the term ‘power bottom’… I remember his song Always On Time, which I like, but I don’t follow his career.


Dear PB,

I heard about that mess and to be brutally honest, I just paid that beef dust. They been beefin’ since the good ol’ days when they both had a hit. Back in the early 00s, Ja Rule and 50 ruled the radio airways. Ja Rule (J.Lo/Ashanti) was the shit when he was with Murder INC. 50 Cent had hits on his own but it’s something about that “In The Club” song that EVERYTIME they play that song in the clubs, I have to get up and get my two step on (even when it ain’t even my damn birthday).

This is my shit too. I played it SUPER loud when I need to…

I want the finer things in my life
So I hustle
Nigga you get in my way when while I’m tryin to get mine
And I’ll buck you
I don’t care who you run with, or where you from
Nigga fuck you
I want to find the thing thats in my life
So I hustle


Who doesn’t love a Maze featuring a Frankie Beverly sample..

GRODT is one of my favorite movies.

50 Cent has always been problematic. When a man is willing to publicly beef with his own son, he is some of kind of man so this spat doesn’t shock me. Hell he was just in the news for going after Diddy. Both men have been rumored for being power bottoms for quite some time now.

Gay lingo is not as taboo or underground as it used to be. You gotta remember Hollyweird is full of the gays so I am sure Ja heard that term from one of his good Judy’s or probably had some queen supply him with some good reads for 50. 50’s ex Vivica Fox already told us what we needed to know.

You know black people, when they get mad the first thing they want to say is we are all kinds of gay. As I always say, it takes one to know one..

Simmer on that…


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