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Hey Luckey!

Hope all is well! As always, love the blog and for keeping us informed. My question is, do you know where former porn star Lo is or what he’s doing? I had a mad crush on him. My favorite scene is with him and Alejandro, they did a verse scene and I thought it was hot because Lo never bottomed on film to my knowledge until that scene. Keep the Love Up!



Bareback Marathon NYC

Dear ME623,

Lo was one funny looking dude to me. Back in the day, he was a bit scrawny with an ol’ man’s face but I thought he was damn hot. Maybe it was the 11 inches he was carrying. I absolutely loved that scene he did with Alejandro the Great. I know he did at least one bottom scene and eventually transition onto bareback. I don’t know what happens to him or what he has been up to. As I stress on this blog, it’s hard to keep up with adult entertainers once they go ghost. It’s just the way it is. Maybe somebody would know what he is up to. I would like to know myself.


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