This post is not for anybody in particular. I just needed space to vent right quick. 

I’ve picked up a second job caring for animals a couple of weeks ago. This whole weekend my own dog has had a nasty case of the runs and today she vomit her entire meal from the night before. I suspect she has been getting into my roomies dog food and it is fucking with her system.

A few moments ago, just as I was about to head out for work, she vomited all over the other dogs bed which meant I had to clean it up and be late to work.  I don’t mind because my baby does come first but it’s all so frustrating.

Why is she sick? whats making her sick like this in the first place?

I’m going to work to save the dogs and cats of the world but can’t even be there for my own dog in her time of need.

Of course I’m feeling guilty as well. She is not used to me being gone all day and having to wait til I get home to feed her.

Sometimes  the universe will test you and you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated because you feel like you doing everything you are suppose to do but shit just keep happening to you.

You just gotta say fuck it and keep it moving…

Shit aint easy though.

I will try to update when i can..

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