Ask Luckey: King Sincere

Hello, Mr. Luckey.

Thinking of “where are they now”, I remembered having seen an interview of a dude named King Sincere. He seemed to be a level-headed and personable guy. I had saved the vid and watched it again. I hadn’t realized until then that you’d done the interview; thanks for sharing it. Do you know if he’s doing well? I saw the vid he did with Kameo and enjoyed his performance.


Dear PB,

I never said this on the blog but King Sincere was probably my favorite interview to date. Prior to this interview, we spent all day on set and I’m sure he was exhausted and was on his way back to North Carolina. It was very cold that day but watching the scene you would have never known that. I don’t think people really stop to realize how much these models have to go through just to give you a 20-minute scene. That particular scene was his first scene and I am sure it was a lot for him. King Sincere was very personable and I thought he would be around for a bit but the last I heard from him, his dad had taken ill and he basically fell off the face of the earth. That’s all I know and is able to speak on. Who knows where he is today and what he is up to. Hopefully, he is doing better things in 2018.


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