I Had NO Idea That R&B Singer Metrell Hurst Was Tray From Thugboy..

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So I got my face cracked today.

I was having a conversation with an associate and somehow Metrell Hurst’s name came up. As you know Metrell Hurst is an aspiring R&B singer

Aside from that, He is the ex of Pony Zion. As a matter of fact, I remember he outed Pony Zion’s status on the Doo Dirty Show.

So anyway, he tells me “you know he used to do porn right?”. I figured he probably had a couple sex tapes out there.

Come to find out he is Tray on Thugboy.

I knew that face looked familiar. He is a talented muthafucka tho. We don’t judge people who do porn here and I do hope he gets his big break soon. In the meantime, let me go watch his scene on Thugboy.

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