Hey Luckey,
do you remember the pornstar Xtasy he was redbone and he did a scene with Nubius and Moyea? I wonder whatever happened to him he was supposed to be a top but he did allow both pornstars to stroke him for like 2 minutes and then he came up with an excuse that he couldn’t take it but I remember he had one of the juiciest little yellow booties. Do you know if he has any other scenes? I do recall he topped that one dread head dude that Breion Diamond fucked in the limo.. but that’s it.. do you recall any other scenes


Dear MJ,

I vaguely remember Xstasy. Who doesn’t remember that yellow ass? Anyhow, I don’t think he bottoms for anybody else but if he did, I am sure the video link will find it’s way here in the comment section.

But yeah he got into it with the trolls on Myvidster a few years back. You can get into that here!

Nubius and Xstasy is a Top’s dream. Too bad Xstasy can’t take dick.


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