Ask Luckey: Shawty From Taggaz

Hey Luckey,

Do you happen to have any info on Shawty from Taggaz? He always was one of my faves, and though he only bottomed twice to my knowledge, I always wanted to see him bottom more. In fact, in his last scene I saw with Steel and some other performer, he got on camera and said he would bottom in his next video and said he wouldn’t run from the dick… well that scene never came as Taggaz shut down before he could return for another scene. I’ve just always wondered what he’s up to these days…


Dear Zach,

Thanks for the submission.
Like I told one of my regulars in an email response, I don’t really keep up with models from Taggaz because most of them are not on social media or even active in porn anymore. Kinda hard to gather info when there is none to gather. I will say this though, Shawty was THAT dude that everybody wanted to smash. I never saw so many people lust after that boy’s pretty lil ass. I do recall him saying he would bottom and I think he bottom for Phoenix and one other dude. I am sure plenty of people busted all types of phat nuts to that one. IF Taggaz ever comes back they should bring him back. I wouldn’t hold my nut though..


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