Will Somebody PLEASE Hire Jovan Jordan!


Last year was NOT Jovan Jordan’s year. He quit the porn business after getting into it with a porn producer. Several other male talents rallied around the producer against him soon after. He was forced to set up a Gofundme account after his then-girlfriend broke up with him leaving him homeless and stranded in the Midwest.

Well, it looks like they still got their foot on his neck because a female talent just put him on blast for begging for a gig…


I kinda feel bad for Jovan Jordan but what is said is true then I think he needs to apologize and take a break away from the porn industry. Maybe he could set up a fan page or venture into doing cam shows in the meantime. One thing that is worse than a liar is a limp dick. In most performers defense it’s a lot of pressure to stay on hard when you have people in the room standing there staring at you with a camera. I still believe what he said had some truth to it but he definitely learn the hard way that one false move can ruin your “career” in porn.

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