The Jovonnie & Tae Scene…

So I got a chance to peep the infamous “Tae & Jovonnie” scene.

I can confirm that Jovonnie does not get fucked in the scene and it’s really just a mutual oral scene.

In Jovonnie’s defense, he never said anything about him getting fucked so it wouldn’t be false advertising but it would be a clever way to get people’s attention because Jovonnie’s ass is phat and its what the fans want most. He always had a big dick but his ass was not that huge when he was younger. I want to say he got that ass eating collard greens, cornbread, and curry goat down there in Miami.

Damn Tae was irritating the hell out of me because he spent more time suckin’ on Jovonnie’s cheeks than he did licking the actual hole. Those buns were enticing so I can’t be mad. Overall the scene could have been better kinda like this scene.

Antonio Biaggi is a known top but he was so submissive in that scene. Dude got fingered something crazy too.
Jovonnie…I know you have your thin line and I respect that but you need to let somebody climb that mountain.


Anyway, I peep around the site and I still stand by what I said initially about the site.

It has potential.

The scenes feature both bareback and condom use by the way.

I will check back on the site in a year to give guys my honest opinion.

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