Ask Luckey: The Thugbait Bottoms & Tyler Tyson

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Dear Luckey,

With Thugbait apparently shut down, I gotta ask whatever happened to their three go-to bottoms G2, Broman and Certified? They were the main reasons I dealt with Thugbait over the last couple years. Also, how do you feel about Tyson Tyler? He’s another one of my favorite performers. He’s gorgeous, VERSE (although he once said he LOVES to get fucked!), and I’m crazy about that English accent! Unless it’s an older scene, he has a clip out for with a model named Jack Hall. He had stopped doing porn for a while after a nasty bout with food poisoning two or three years ago. Thanks in advance!


Dear SeventysBaby,

I heard several rumors about the demise of Taggaz/Thugbait. One of the rumors was that they shut down because the owners clashed with the director once they transition into bareback. Another rumor was that the company got sued (and lost) by a former model and they are currently laying low. Of course, there is no official statement as to what happened to the site. It kinda sucks that they never gave us the reason or if they would ever come back. Taggaz/Thugbait is sorely needed right about now. I appreciate the fact that they introduce us to so many hot talents. I mean XL came out of Taggaz.

I don’t know whatever happen to either of the models. I wonder what is the whereabouts of those models who never crossed over to other sites. I am sure some of them are still around waiting in the wings for the next best studio to be created. A lot of those model did not want to venture into bareback porn hence why they stay with Taggaz.

I can’t believe I never seen Tyler Tyson bottom. It has been TOO long since we last seen him, I probably forgot that he was actually versatile. Tyler Tyson was THAT ninja as far as I am concern. He had that certain Je ne sais quoi about him. Definitely the look of a true porn star. That accent definitely added flavor to his swag. It’s nice to know he enjoys getting plugged because he looks so great doing it. It really sucks he is not around at the moment. Maybe someday he will get back out there.


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