Ask Luckey: Pornstars & Their Relationship Woes

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Hello again Luckey,

I hope that you are finding a way to stay warm with all this Wintry weather. With that being said I want to talk about the messiness that is spilling over on Twitter from the breakup of Knockout and Brandon aka Openwide. I really haven’t heard Brandon comment on the breakup but Knockout is going in letting people know that Brandon is not the Full Top that he claims to be and that he used him for a come up. When Krave and Bamm broke up they took it to Social Media and it got messy and even though I know they are in the spotlight, why do you think these Porn actors choose to air all their dirty laundry about each other on Social Media after they break up ?



Dear Ant,

I woke yesterday morning to white shit on the ground. As you know I live in Atlanta and although I lived in Chicago for many years, I am always shocked when it snows here. Usually, when it snows in ATL, it shuts the entire city down but the last few snow days have been tamed. I got paid double my pay rate for showing up to work (not to mention I worked MLK and got time and a half) so I am peachy. I wish it would stop snowing though. That was the reason I moved away from Illinois…LOL!

Anyway, We have had some of the most notable porn couples in the business..

Jovonnie & the late great Citiboy

Arquez & Cockyboi

Hot Rod & Angyl Valentino

Gio & Romeo St James

Arquez & Rico Pruitt

Bamm & Krave Moore

Unfortunately, all of those unions ended on a sore note.

Now people break up and sometimes it gets ugly. It is much more complicated when you are in the porn business. Nobody really wants to take someone seriously when they are fucking other people for a living. Others tend to be in open relationships (98% of those relationships are doomed to fail).


It can be a hard and lonely life for someone, who is active in the industry. Some of these models are extremely narcissistic though. I feel like their relationships were really for social media and were probably doomed to fail before it even got started.

I remember when Arquez & Cockyboi broke up. It got real ugly on the Twitter. Arquez outed Cockyboi’s status and I believe Arquez got arrested on Cockyboi’s account. It was madness. I know Gio and Romeo went through a dark period together so when I heard they broke up and Romeo moved on to Roman within a month, I felt really bad for Gio even though I never met him or knew why they broke up. Til this day, he won’t talk about it and I respect that.

I know people may think I get off on other people’s pain but I feel bad when I hear of my favorite couple’s breakup. I feel like they lash out on social media because they are probably hurt and need an outlet. EGO is everything in this business and when that shit is bruised it makes you all kind of vulnerable. It makes the followers extremely uncomfortable.

Aside from that, they feel like they have to “get” the other person by airing out their dirty laundry but usually, they end up making themselves look crazy. I can’t believe Knockout is trying to out Brandan, when he is marketed as a TOP but got fucked by Staxx AND if Brandan was this self-proclaimed TOP wouldn’t that mean Knockout was the bottom? It’s all stupid to me. When you are in a relationship with someone all of that label shit goes out the window.

This is just my opinion, but if you truly love someone even if y’all break up on bad terms, you are not going to air them out on social media. All the secrets will stay where it needs to be. Maybe it’s my Libra moon expressing itself but I just feel like you should remain loyal on that aspect.


LOWKEY I always wonder how Arquez and Rico even got together. They are BOTH hot heads.


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