Ask Luckey: Markeith The DL Boogie Monster

Dear Luckey,

Okay, this has been heavy on mind even though it shouldn’t. A different rant post..kinda old topic but… You know Markieth, The DL Detective right? Well, one of the guys he exposed, the basketball player (I think he may be Latino or something, not sure). Jenaro Harris is his name. I keep thinking about what the dude must be going through or been going through. He and the others and how he gets these dudes. Especially, with DL detective making Jenaro call himself a f**king faggot on camera. The dude deleted all of his social media and I saw somewhere in a post he tried to kill the DL Detective in a parking lot. I guess I shouldn’t be too bothered by it since I don’t know the dude personally and I’m not DL, but I feel bad for him even if he was kinda silly to link up with the DL Detective. Like Im literally trying to keep from thinking something bad should happen to the DL detective, but a nice long prison sentence would be so sweet instead of something else. Even though the incident happened along time ago…those vids are still circulating to this day and I still think that guy is tormented by it. Will 2018 karma disable the DL Detective for good, or is he doing…proper service (protecting) the “str8 females?” 🙄 from the DL boogie monster.


Dear Jay,

Oh the infamous Markeith Rivers.

I could have sworn we talked about him on the blog before but it must have been on my other blog sites. Anyway, I heard about him getting shot by one of the guys he featured in his videos. Is that the same dude?

Markeith claimed he outed the men in his videos because they were on the DL and he felt like the world (women) needed to know. Meanwhile he was filming them without their consent (a lawsuit in the making) and makes money charging people to watch the videos. I think the staircase to his brain is missing a couple of steps because soon after he healed up from getting shot and almost killed, he was back at it again. Im sorry but I wouldn’t let somebody so damn messy climb my back.

I could imagine the trauma that poor man might have went through but two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s not right fucking men on the side when you are sexually active with women and you are not disclosing your truth BUT it’s not right to out someone and film them without consent. I am not the karma police so I can’t call what will happen to Markeith but I do hope he come to his sense and try a different approach.


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