Ask Luckey: Diego Lauzen’s Bootiful Brazilian Butt!




Dear Luckey,

Keep with my interests with brown and chocolate men. I thought it’d be nice to mention Diego Lauzen with the really nice butt. I found a vid of him recently and was like, Luckey should see this…Nice butt he has. What do you think about Mr. Diego Bubbles Lauzen? Also, how can you tell if a guys butt is fake or not? Sometimes it’s easy but for him…I can’t tell. It’s still nice looking though and I know Brazilians do naturally have nice bodies.



Dear Jay,

I like Diego Lauzen and I think he is a great performer but that ass is faker than a $3 dollar bill. Brazilian butt implants is the thing in their country. Every other person has had some type of work done to their bodies. Of course, some people are naturally born with that phat ass but I am sure Diego Lauzen has had some work done.

Hot Rod, Kendall (Ken Doll), Rafael Alencar, Diego Lauzen and Derek Parker have all had some work done on their asses. I can’t really explain it but when you been living in the ATL for a while, you can kinda tell the difference between a natural corn fed booty and one that has been enhanced. Real booty cheeks jiggles…even the the muscular booties.. Diego butt’s doesn’t move much and it’s kinda shaped funny.


No shade….it is what it is..

I still think Diego Lauzen has a hot body though.


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