Ask Luckey: Edward James

Dear Luckey,

What do you think about that director Edward James? I can’t stand his ass!!! Many of the guys on here are always bashing Pheonix Fellington, Max Konnor and Diesel Washington because they seem to love (working with) white men. But what about Edward James??? He always talks to the bottoms in his videos (at least back in the day) like trash, and as a white man, he uses the “N” word a little too freely for me. But some of these guys wanna call black men coons and snow queens for loving white men? Ummm…ok. So what does that make Edward James?



Dear SeventysBaby,

Y’all might snatch my porn card for this one because although I probably have purchase some of his dvds back in the day, I have never seen or heard Edward James before. Or have heard of the name but never heard him in a scene. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention back then. You seem to really despise him though…LOL


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