Never Trust A Man Who Shave His Mustache..

A man without facial hair is not a man to be trusted. Far fetched? Possibly. I came to this conclusion in a haphazard way. Any time a man completely shaves off his facial hair it is not by his own will. He normally does it because he is told to. Most men that do it are forced to by some employer to present this clean cut image. By compromising this small aspect of his masculinity it shows the employer that this is a man without a backbone. It’s a subtle mindfuck by the employers to gauge how submissive the employee is and to assert their dominance. This in turn fucks with a man’s self esteem because at a basic level facial hair is a part of a man’s identity. By messing with the man’s self esteem they are ensuring that they have a good slave that does what he’s told and wont make any waves because he is in a submissive position out the gate. A man with low self esteem is a dangerous man because he has no sense of personal worth. Because he is lacking that he will place no value on your life. As men get in the later years of their life they shave all their facial hair for no other reason than to appear younger than what they truly are. They are desperately trying to hold on to something that has left them decades ago; their youth. Trying to present this image is a covert form of deception at the lowest level. Why would they try to deceive someone on something as trivial as that? These men are narcissists that are still being plagued by their egos. They are only fooling themselves by thinking that no facial hair makes them look younger. Most prominent politicians are clean shaven; are they trustworthy individuals? A clean cut image is just a front to hide their true nature. By design most politicians are liars and more graveyards are in their closets than you and me. They claim to be for the people but do all kinds of favors for lobbyists and bring all type of crooked ass bills to the senate floor because it benefits corporations and not their constituency. But their clean cut all around good guys right? A clean shave is the equivalent of lion shaving its mane to look less threatening. A clean shaven man is not to be trusted by no means. Third eye activation will lead to your salvation. Stay regal.


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