Black Ink Crew Kevin Laroy aka Baby Face Killa Comes Out To His Father

Last season of Black Ink Crew, Kevin Laroy aka Baby Face Killa shook the world when he came out as bisexual when he hooked up with fellow castmate L.A.!

Well this season he came out to his estranged father..

I will never forget when I came out to my own father. We were in his truck on the way home and we got into a heated argument. Mind you, I was always intimidated by my father and was even afraid of him for a long time. I never talked back or stood up to him up before this moment. Anyway, he said something about faggots and I just blurted out “well I guess I am faggot then”. There was this awkward silence for about a good two minutes which seem like forever. My father said to me, “well if you are going to be a faggot, you betta be the best damn faggot out there”. He also said that I was going to live a lonely life. Now my dad never really used to the word faggot around me and you have to understand we were both upset.

He told me well since you won’t be having a wife, you probably need to know how to take care of yourself and with that, he took me to the grocery store and literally walked me down every aisle and explain to me how to buy items without breaking the bank. It was a great bonding moment.

I say all this to say that sometimes our parents will surprise us. Whether you know it or not, they know who you are before you even came into the world. They knew you before you could even walk or talk. My dad knew I was gay. Hell, I didn’t really hide it. I was SO afraid to admit to him that I was gay because I thought he would disown me or try to hurt me. He is very traditional and from the DEEP south. Til this day, we barely talk about it and he is always teasing me about having a wife and kids but he respects my life and has always been there for me. I guess I was lucky. I cringe when other people share their coming out horror stories with me. I wish I could share my parents with them so they don’t have to feel that void.


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