Ask Luckey: Nobody Wants A Leopard Booty..

Hey Luckey,
I love your blog. i’ve followed you throughout the years. You’re a necessary and positive voice in the black gay community. Thank you. Here’s my question. How do pornstars remove all the hair off their bodies without getting leopard booty? It’s a silly question but I’m going to ask anyway. Cuz I tried Nair, that a lot of yall swear by, and I broke out. From the looks of a lot folks’ nudes on Tumblr and other apps they’re not fairing any better. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to smooth and hairless and not look like a leopard.


Dear Kosep,

Thank you for that compliment. I am so used to people (elsewhere) saying that I am SO negative on this blog or that I encourage it, so it’s nice to know that I am not a big ol’ meanie.

I stop shaving my pubes a while ago and fortunate for me I am not hairy on the booty at all. Some of the porn stars you are probably watching probably don’t have hair on their buns either. I do know some people enhance their pics to look “perfect” and some are just blessed with good genes.

Those “spots” are results of razor bumps and irritation. Some people’s skin is extremely sensitive and razors just won’t cut it. I was advised to stop using Nair because it causes cancer. Not sure how true that is but I just stop using it. Anyway if you insist on using razors you can try these steps. Check out this link too. Also, I recommend using organic shea butter or coconut oil for moisture afterward. Let me know how it goes.



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  1. The few times I shaved, I used “Nivea For Men”! It wasn’t as irritating as NAIR and it did the job. I am not hairy either, so I put it on the booty and rinsed off, no razor bumps, leopard booty.

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