Ask Luckey: Landon From Sean Cody

Hey Luckey!

So you know I love my chocolate men more than anything and I was on MyVidster and happened to come across a vid of an interracial scene from Sean Cody. Normally, I don’t even watch these kinds of scenes but the black was so hot. He goes by the name of Landon and has been there quite a few years judging by his profile on the website. Have you ever heard of him and what do you think of him? I think he is damn fine. Beautiful black body, gorgeous dick, bubble ass and cute face with a warm smile!



Dear Jay,

Yes I am familiar with Landon and I do agree that he is definitely a hot piece of ass. Sean Cody does have some hot men of color on their site and Landon is no exception. I haven’t seen his latest scene yet but I am sure it would be a hot one. My absolute FAVORITE scene would be the one he did with Phillip. UGH!! Now that scene is worth talking about. The chemistry was EVERYTHING. I STILL jack off to that scene to this day. At this point, I don’t need any more of his scenes…LOL!


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