@LeonCalvinMack Presents #BLACKGAYSLAY

Dear Luckey Star,

We are HUGE fans of your website & would love for you to check out our web series titled #BlackGaySlay, a collection of interviews highlighting inspirational men of color in the LGBTQIA+ community who are dominating in their respective industries. Each show brings out a fun and inspiring variety of professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. Below is the link to our last few episodes–which have been truly enlightening with Big Freedia, Bravo’s Courtney Paul, Octavius Terry, Julian Lark,Tyra Sanchez & Shangela from Rupaul’s Drag Race and MORE! www.BlackGaySlay.com The past few years have marked the rightful rise of the #BlackLivesMater movement and it is no secret that in addition to fighting to prove our value, as people of color, we are also in a constant fight for LGBT rights. So in light of these two posing issues we decided to execute a special initiative, inspired by the viral hashtag #BlackGaySlay, to highlight & honor those who bare the struggles of both identities – – to give a sense of hope to the queer youth and magnify the LGBT voice within the African American community. Hopefully, with your help we can continue to be heard. Please share & repost if possible!

Calvin McKinney





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