Flex Gamble

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In 1992, Flex Gamble made his adult industry debut. His first performance was in the movie “Down Down Down” from Take Down Productions. From there Flex went on to perform in more than 60 titles, working with some of the biggest studios in the industry, including Bacchus Releasing, All Worlds Video, Brick House Entertainment, and Vivid Man. Flex’s muscular physique and handsome good looks made finding roles a piece of cake.

Along with his gay titles, Flex was more than willing to work in other genres, including transsexual and bareback films. It’s possible you aren’t familiar with Flex’s work, (that’s ok, we forgive you) so we’ve put together a few titles you should definitely see. First, you’ll want to check out his bareback action in “Raw Muscle 2” from BG Enterprises. Next, watch Flex get busy with some solo action in “Hand Jive 3” from Bacchus Releasing. And finally, check out one of his transsexual performances in “Trans-America” from Tran Studios.


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