Ask Luckey: Rock Rockafella

Hey Luckey,

I’ve been a long time fan of your blog I always get the good tea everytime I visit but what’s tea with rock the pornstar I saw a porn video of him getting his ass ate like it was no tomorrow however I can’t find that video no more it was a threesome type video my question to you is do you think he has ever bottomed cause hunny his Ass is on point? I’d like to see him mr.cali and Antonio biaggi bottom but that’ll never happen


Dear Tyler,

Rock may go in history as being one of the most memorable and long lasting tops in the gay porn industry.  He will forever be known for that phat ass of his though . Although he has never bottom on film, I heard from several of his former lovers and co-stars that he may have giving up the cakes behind the scenes.  Of course that is second handed gossip and I’m still waiting on Rock to confirm that. It’s really not our business although it would be hot to find out he was letting some hot boy climb that mountain.

Flavaworks is known for branding their models as tops  (although they are vers in their personal life) and it frustrates the hell out of me but I get it…

We may never see some of our favorite “tops” bottom on film. Everybody can’t and don’t want to take dick on film but one can only dream…


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