Cody West aka Reggie Scott Got A Tumblr…

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Hello Mr. Luckey.

Since you posted info about Flex Gamble, I wonder if you’re aware of recent photos of another model from that time period—Cody West aka Reggie Scott. The Tumblr is here!

Hope it’s useful…


I remember seeing this dude in magazines back in the day. I thought he was a hot piece of ass. It is so great to hear that he is STILL looking good and is still with us. He looks like he has not aged a bit! Good black don’t crack… Apparently he has an Instagram too!

Somebody got to meet him back in 2014 and shared their encounter…


How I met Black Porn Model Cody West

A few years ago, I was on gaycation (gay vacation) in Miami South Beach. It was in the Spring of the year. The weather was great…not too hot and not too humid. I had been staying on SoBe for a few days. Fucking almost every night (as I normally do on my gaycation). This particular day, I logged onto Adam4Adam and found a nice willing ass that was close by. Dude had a condo on SoBe and wanted to get fucked. We made arrangements to meet at his condo in an hour. Surprisingly, it was within walking distance of my hotel. So I showered, put on these loose, thin, white, baggy, linen shorts….freeballin like a muthafucka, and headed out.

On the way, I got several looks from men who were mesmerized by the dick. One man was on the phone. As we passed each other, he cut off his conversation and just watched my dick swing from side to side. I smiled and gave him a wink. Dick sure does have a way of getting another man’s attention. LOL! I arrived at my hookup’s condo. Very Art Deco which is common to South Beach. I commented on how nice the place was and we moved things into the bedroom. He started kissing my neck and then we tongued each other down. By this time, I’m hard as fuck. He made his way down to my dick and gave me a good suckin. I couldn’t let him give me all that head and NOT return the favor. So I got down on my knees and started suckin his thick uncut Latin dick. It had to be about 7″ around with an upward curve. Not very lengthy, but thick as fuck which served as nothing but motivation. I’m a top, but I love dick. Actually, dick turns me on more than ass. It’s just something about a man’s hard penis that drives me insane.

At any rate, I kissed him again and positioned him on his back with his legs in the air. Like a good top, I rimmed that clean ass with my lips and tongue. He was moaning…..enjoying every minute of it. Slowly, that ass was opening up and getting wetter. I ate it and fingered it so good, he was begging for the dick. I wrapped up and it was on. Let the fuck fest begin! We started out slow and sensual…fucking missionary for a while. The ass was open and he was taking the dick like a champ. We switched to doggie style. That’s when shit got real. I started pounding that ass to no end. Skin slapping and muffled sounds coming from his face buried deep in the pillow, filled the room. Chemistry was right and the bed was squeaking. I’m feeling great at this point, so I start talking shit. I told him…”squeeze that ass on my dick”. Why did I say that? This dude squeezed my dick so hard, it felt like somebody’s HAND was squeezing the life out of my dick. I thought my dick was going to pop like a balloon!!!! In an instant, I went from fuck mode to fight mode. I literally wanted to punch the shit out of him!!!! I said….”Man what the fuck is wrong with you???? Don’t squeeze my dick that hard!!!” I reframed from any violence and we took a short break. My dick was sore, but I was determined to bust that nutt. We fucked again and both came. While getting dressed, we talked about how his ass sphincter muscles were so damn strong. Til this day, I’ve never encountered an ass that could squeeze like that and I never want to again. LOL!

We kissed and said goodbye. Mind you, I don’t have on any underwear and I’m wearing these loose linen shorts. So I leave the apartment. As I approach the front door, this FINE ass black man is entering and my mouth dropped wide open….it was CODY WEST! I could’ve fainted. He spoke with a general hello, looked down at my dick, smiled and said…”OH”. I looked down, and sure enough, I had a huge ass wet spot. LOL! We both laughed. I left the building feeling like I was on cloud 19!!!!!! Fuck a cloud 9. Shiiiiit, I had just got some ass and ran into Cody West????? Oh HELL YES!!! Today was a good day. ***Ice Cube voice***

Still on cloud 19, I get a few blocks away and realize, OH SHIT, I left my keys at dude’s condo!!! So I call him. He said he was just getting out of the shower and that he had to be somewhere soon. So I told him I was on my way back. I said to myself, now why did you even bring your keys in the first place? Nevertheless, I get back to his condo and my keys were on the dresser. Since he was heading out, he asked if I wanted a ride back to my hotel and I accepted. In the car, I asked him if he knew that a pornstar lived in his building. He said… “Yes and he’s also an escort. He’s a top and will fuck you for $200.” Apparently, they messed around for him to know that much info. I thought to myself, I wonder if he squeezed Cody’s dick like he squeezed mine. LOL!

As we were riding back to my hotel, I remember seeing images of Cody and that massive dick. I masturbated to his stuff for years. But to see him live was awesome. Even if it was a brief encounter. He is every bit as fine today as he was back in the day.

Hookup Dude dropped me off at my hotel, I thanked him, and that was it for my gaycation. My dick was sore for the next two days. I didn’t want to fuck or masturbate. LOL! But at least I got to meet Cody West.


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