Ginuwine Is NOT Transphobic….STOP It!!

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I don’t really watch Big Brother. I did watch a few clips when Tiffany Pollard aka New York nutcase ass was on there because to be honest, she is a H.A.M. and she is good for TV. Anyway, R&B singer, part-time “skripper” and actor Ginuwine is on the current season of Big Brother and he is already getting some criticism because he snubbed a fellow contestant, who happens to be transgender.

Check out the tea below..

I don’t think the man is transphobic at all. He said he was into what he was into and he was respectful about it. She tried it when she lend in to kiss him after the fact. THAT was disrespectful. If he did that to her, we will be screaming sexual harassment.

As y’all know I am one of the biggest ally for the transgender community. Hell, my BEST friend was transgender and PROUD. But we gotta call a spade a spade. I would be annoyed to if some random stranger tried to kiss me and invading my personal space. Like homegirl said in the video, people want honesty but can’t handle the truth when it’s served to you on a platter. He didn’t say anything disrespectful about the trans community. Whether you gay, bisexual, trans or anything in between you have to respect the fact that EVERYONE does not want you. It’s no disrespect. It’s just preference. Regardless keep your damn hands and lips to yourself.

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