Ask Luckey: What Happen To In Da Cut & Male Strip Clubs In ATL


Dear Luckey,

I love your blog and I am glad your back. I have a few questions what happened to InTheCut. What happened to all the black gay strippers in Atlanta and clubs who hosted them? Why is all the brothers dancing at Swinging Richards or Bj Roosters and acting like they don’t know any of the brothers? And what happened to the Exotic Dancer Roman not the one dating Romeo St James, but the original Roman? I love strippers and I am sad to see the decline of black male entertainment in Atlanta which happens to be the black gay Mecca.



Dear Dante,

Thank you for your submission and waiting so patiently for me to respond to your letter.


In Da Cut used to be my spot. Did I ever tell ya’ll that my crew and I got kicked out of that club for performing a lewd act in the VIP section?! I guess the performance was boring at the time and we were hella drunk and horny.



Anyway, they eventually let my ass back in and at the time In Da Cut was already on it’s way out. I heard from several of the dancers that management wasn’t the best and was a dick to work with (their words, not mines). I had an isolated situation happen with management and he was a jerk that night as well. I knew then that he and his business would not be around for much longer which was a shame because I happen to like In Da Cut. We never stayed too late but I heard they used to open up private rooms for patrons and the dancers. I guess it was their version of the “champagne room” but they had several beds lined up in each room. Eventually In Da Cut close its doors for good.

Now it’s been a few years since I been to a strip club but the last I heard seasoned exotic dancers would often travel outside of ATL and the country to dance. It’s an unspoken rule that unless you are a newbie starting out, you had to travel if wanted to make some real money. The alternative would be to dance at “white” clubs like B.J. Roosters and Swinging Richards. Now I never been to Swinging Richards and I have heard good things about that club. I have been to BJ’s back when they were in the storefront off Cheshire Bridge and Lavista Road. They were a bit prejudice against the darker hue people and I didn’t like the pale white twinks they had dancing on the countertops. I guess I just wasn’t into “long backs” so I stop going there.

I have to admit, I tend to support the same few exotic dancers so I don’t remember names or know any of the vets besides the infamous Superman, Rudebwoy, Mr. Exotic, and Vishus just to name a few.


I remember that crazy ass Superman got shot in his arm but that negro still manage to perform for weeks with his arm in a cast but he still managed to put on a great show. Boy was a trip but I liked him.

Is this the guy you were talking about?

LMAO at those damn CHULO’S undies. I still have a few pair of those undies in my dresser. I still wear them too.

I am sure there still popup clubs where exotic dancers perform but to be honest I don’t keep up with names and locations. I used to get notifications on my phone but I blocked all the numbers. Maybe I need to get back out there and find out what’s going on. I still love me a good show. One of my dreams is to start up a troupe of dancers and we travel to different clubs around the area. Imagine seeing “Luckey’s Boyz” billboards and flyers all around ATL. It would be a KI!!!

I know Rudebwoy phat Jamaican ass is still dancing and performing. He was my favorite behind Mr Exotic hoe ass…LOL!

Anyway, I hope I answered some of your questions!!


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