First, I want to say that I am glad that you brought your blog back because, I was riding with you from back in the day with the original Luckey Star Blog and BGC days. I want to say that I have noticed your growth and maturity since finding out that you brought your blog back and I am proud of you and want nothing but success to come your way. In regards to Jovonnie and the being “shady,” situation, I did not get that from you and saw that you were giving free press to a low budget site. Also, I want to apologize to you, because back in the day we had some words and got into it a few years ago. We were both young and strong minded, but have moved on passed it, and once again I want to apologize for that. P.S. You have the best blog out of the different blogs that I visit.

With care, Your future baby daddy

Dear Future Baby Daddy,

I want to thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  I need to stress to anyone that is reading this. This blog would not be what it is without the love and support of my readers.  I created this site because I felt like we needed our own space. I would have never imagine after so many failed attempts and setbacks that people would still be following me all these years later. I remember those humble days in which I used to promote my “links” in the BGC forums.  I can’t remember how many profiles that got deleted because I was SO determine to get my lil blog out there.  Eventually that shit paid off. BGC was still good to me though…lol.

I quit SO many times but I NEVER gave up.

I have seen a lot of blogs like mines come and go but I knew this space was needed.

I can’t even remember why or how we fell out. At this point it’s not important because we are older and wiser now. I am sure there will be times when people may not agree with me or like what I might say. I am a LOT of things to many people but ONE thing you will know about Luckey is I don’t believe in holding grudges for too long. Hell by next week I’m probably over it…LOL.  I know I can be a bit much sometimes and some people may not understand my approach. To be honest I don’t blame Jovonnie. No matter how he may feel about me or my blog, I wish him nothing but success and prosperity. I still think his site has the potential to be dope. Anyway I am rambling on. Thank you so much for supporting me and contributing to the site. As always it’s greatly appreciated.

With love,

your sexually frustrated Baby Daddy

ps. your child support check is due…

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