Ask Luckey: Brandan aka OpenWide89


Dear Luckey,

What’s the tea on Brandon aka @openwide89(on twitter)? He used to date pornstar Knockout but for whatever reason they broke up and now Brandon is all over the place fucking this and that pornstar. He also has a onlyfans page in the works. Is he tryna make his ex Knockout jealous or is he fucking around to numb the pain? Thoughts???



Dear Sean,

Thanks you for your submission. Initially, when I read your letter, I had no idea who you were talking about. Of course, I asked Google who “OpenWide89” was and when I came across his pics, I knew he looked familiar. Come to find out I remember his videos with Rico Pruitt courtesy of Jessica Kohinoor’s Youtube channel. She was still “Jacob” at that time. I figured that he was probably an exotic dancer or doing something nasty for the internet but I didn’t know he was dating Knockout nor did I know about his Twitter. Of course, I can’t speak for Brandan but I don’t think he is “fucking his pain away”. If that is the case, then half of Atlanta is fuckin’ their pain away. Hellย he is SINGLE now….LOL. I like Brandan’s dreads and how he plays with color. I think he is very attractive and personable. I would definitely like to know more about him.


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