Ask Luckey: Romance & Bamm Bamm

Hi Luckey!

My question now is about Romance. He’s one of my favorite verse performers of all time! I tweeted him a couple times and he told me that he’s not into bottoming, that he does it for his fans. But he has been bottoming a lot these days. No complaints here…I love watching him get it.

Also, what ever happened to Bamm Bamm? He’s another performer I loved. I know he left the biz a couple years ago following his break-up with Krave Moore. I read somewhere that he found love again.


Dear Seventysbaby,

Thank you for your submission. I always look forward to your entries. Keep them coming.

I’m not sure what you were asking me in reference to Romance but I will assume you wanted to know what I thought about Romance not being a “bottom” in his everyday life. 

Romance has always been good with me. He is definitely an opinionated character but low-key I fuck with him.  Romance has done a fine job in playing a versatile role in his films.His scene with Cocky Boi will always be a personal favorite of mines. He has so many videos of him bottoming but what people should know and understand is the performer you see on film isn’t always the person you may encounter in real life.

So often people may ask why so and so isn’t doing this or that on film anymore and honestly it just may be that they don’t really enjoy it and already done it. That’s the beauty of videos you can always go back and watch their older videos. I am shock to hear Romance doesn’t really enjoy bottoming because he is so good at it. That’s true talent…LOL. He can dick some ass too so I’m sure his lovers aren’t complaining.

Bamm Bamm retired some time ago and from what I gathered he wanted to concentrate on his personal life. He had a very public relationship with fellow former porn star Krave Moore and I’m sure he didn’t take the breakup too well. He had some personal issues to tend to as well. I am just hoping he is okay and well. If he did find new love, I am VERY happy for him.


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