Ask Luckey: Kash Dinero & Phoenix Fellington



Dear Luckey,


Now, first of all, what do you think of Pheonix Fellington and Kash Dinero? Of course I don’t know them personally, but I love watching them do their thing. I follow them both on Twitter. A couple of times they responded to my direct tweets, which I thought was very cool. I know, judging from various blogs, that a lot of guys bash Pheonix because he almost always works with white men. And judging from some of Kash’s tweets, he’s REAL quick to put someone on blast if he feels disrespected in any way. Can’t blame him. You can’t let people run over you. Also, why do many bottoms snort poppers right before sex? I know I seem clueless for asking that, but you won’t know if you don’t ask. I have more questions to come later. Hope to here from you soon!


Dear SeventysBaby,

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Although they are not my personal favorites, there is no denying Phoenix Fellington and Kash Dinero had the best year in 2017!!!

Phoenix told us before he even became a name that he was going to be a star which shows that you can speak anything you want in life into existence if you just believe and claim it….even in the porn world…LOL!

I know he tends to get a lot of flack for his interracial videos but one thing I know about this business and the entertainment business in general, you can’t win either way. If he was featured on “urban” studios exclusively he would be ridicule just the same as he is now. Phoenix has a great look and is an exceptional performer. I see great things for him in 2018.

Kash Dinero is not to be played with and I am SO here for it. You have to have a tough skin to be in this business and Kash let it be known at the door, that he is who he is …FREAK HOE and ALL! He is another one who had an awesome year. I think 2018 will be no different. I always said if you going to be something, be the BEST and STAND UP IN IT!! Don’t let nobody rain on your party!! Kash can come off as a bit cocky but I have also heard from his fans that he is actually a good dude and very personable. Hopefully one day I might pick his brain and get the REAL tea on him. (S/N I love his friendship with JD Blackstone…talk about besties goals).

“Bottoms” use poppers simply because it helps ease the discomfort of being penetrated. Some men use it to get that “rush” while masturbating. I stop using poppers after I learn what damage it could do to your body long term. Just not trying to go out like that…


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