Ask Luckey: Mario “The Booty King” Borelli

Hi Luckey,

I was wondering I’d you had any info on Borelli aka Marcel Nadir..i haven’t seen anything on him lately. . I miss his big booty self.


Dear MJ,

I am assuming that you referring to Mario Borelli
…Mario Waters
…Slam Sizzle
…Mario Long

I call him the “Booty King” because although that muscle hunk got the hugest dick, he got a phat juicy meaty ass to match. He (and Rodney St Cloud) can do no wrong in my book. Although he claims he is straight, he has always been very generous with the gay community. I don’t know where he is or what he is up to these days but I would LOVE to know. I always wanted to interview and pick his brain! Shout out to PhatBrothas old blog for introducing me to him all those years ago.


1 thought on “Ask Luckey: Mario “The Booty King” Borelli

  1. I’ve never seen him in any videos (gay, straight, bi), other than solo’s. I would like to see what his “sex” skills are like.

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