About Him Star Gary Lavard On Black Wrestling Network

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Taken from BWN (You can check out the gallery here)

Award-winning fan favorite actor and model Gary Lavard arrived at BWN! Ready to host a Best Of show, Gary starts to do his job until Sherod walks in and gets in his face!

Many BWN fans may not know, but Sherod is an actor that has been in dozens of films including the Tupac movie, Birth of a Nation, and many many more; both Gary and Sherod have also been regulars on TV shows like Fatal Attraction and Snapped…and Sherod is sick and tired of Gary “following” him from set to set, competing for his roles!

Of course, Gary finds that ridiculous and has had his own huge successes starting with his sexy debut as the longed-for love interest in the YouTube series “About Him.”

Gary has remained busy since then, modeling for Tastee Treasures, picking up Fan Favorite awards, and continuing to work in other series like “Honest Men” and more.
Gary was GOING to kick off 2018 by hosting a Best of 2017 highlight package but as is often the case at BWN, things go sideways and next thing you know he’s stripped down to his underwear and getting stretched in full nelsons by Sherod!

Sherod insists that Gary get out of the company and stop taking on so many roles and eating into his gigi

But Gary looks to be here to stay and instead uses his superior height and reach to put Sherod through it but with more experience on the mats at BWN, Sherod is able to catch Gary more than once in unexpected fashion and then CRUSHES Gary with a vicious low blow that gives Sherod his best chance to date to finally pull off a victory…and against Gary Lavard no less!

Can Sherod do it? Or will Gary make his unplanned debut a success?

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  1. Sorry to be unclear, Sherod is his opponent. They’re both using their real names. The gimmick is that Sherod is jealous, therefore trying to “cross out” Gary’s name. They are both working Atlanta-area actors, and have worked together on sets.

    Thanks for the post!

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