Trash On The Track..


Usually, I don’t like to bash scenes and performers. I feel like y’all do enough of that for me.

But this scene courtesy of DawgpoundUSA was probably the worse scene I have watched in a LONG time. I don’t even understand why they even felt the need to even release this mess. Now, this is nothing against TaeTheDoug or Mustang personally…

They were hired to perform in a scene and they did the best they could do with what direction they were given.

With that said, Mustang should not be cast as a total top in 2018. Just because he is a dark skinned muscle boi with tattoos and a phat dick doesn’t make him a top. TaeTheDoug couldn’t save this scene if he tried. Usually, he would moan or squeal “Oh my fuckin’ god” but in this scene…crickets…

The scene wasn’t even long AND there was NO cum shot. I would love the backstory of how this scene even came about.

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