The Infamous Maxx Black and Mark Anthony Fight!

I always wondered why that fight between Maxx Black and Mark Anthony broke out and why Delvin Weed had his hands in that man’s pants! It was all so bizarre..

It was said the fight brought out during an orgy taping. That is Wesley Pipes in the beginning of the video. What happened was they were filming the behind the scenes and Marc Anthony and Maxx got an into a playful argument that went bad. Marc kicked him out the house and told him to go home on camera and laughing about it to the rest of the crew which pissed Maxx off. Then Marc went into the laundry room and was talking with Darren James. Maxx came back in the house and punched Marc Anthony then Darren James, Delvin Weed and Wesley Pipes broke it up.

They say the fight ended Maxx Black’s porn journey and he was not cast as much. They called in Charley Mac to replace him and the rest is history.

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