Ask Luckey: The HIV Law In California..

Hey Luckey,

I’m not sure if you gave your opinion on the subject, but whats your opinion on the HIV law that was passed in California? Do you think lowering the penalty for knowingly spreading HIV is a good idea? I know I’m being childish for bringing up race, but i honestly think this law was passed to cater to the white community since gay whites engage in risky activity. Since the bug is spreading throughout their community like wildfire(no pun intended) they feel now they should try and destigmatize people with HIV. Sorry for being a bit wordy.

Thank you


Under current California law, it is felony offense punishable by 3 to 8 years in prison. The new law, which was signed by Brown on Oct. 6 and takes effect January 1, changes this to a misdemeanor, carrying a 6-month prison term — the same punishment as knowingly exposing someone to other communicable diseases.

Dear Derrick,

I must admit I was not too thrilled to hear that they were changing the law in California. I am not sure if it’s a demographic or race issue but I do think that someone, who is infecting others with HIV or not informing their partners should be punished with harsher consequences. In my eyes, it’s considered attempted murder but that’s just MY opinion. Either way, people have to protect themselves. I do know it’s an issue here in Atlanta.


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