Ask Luckey: Luckey’s Boyz

Dear Luckey,

Are you ever going to do Luckey’s Boyz again? I remember the photos you did of Romance and Dee-Lite, which by the way were my Also, would you be willing to work with other stars?


Dear Dimitri,

I swear the devil must be near because I was just thinking about that particular photo shoot with Romance and Dee-Lite this morning and had to switch my mind to something else. Now for the record, Dee-Lite and Romance were amazing to work with and both were very accommodating. I still have thousands of unreleased photos and footage from that day.

Luckey’s Boyz was one of those pet dreams I had a few years ago. I might tackle photography and some videography but I would have to find a niche that makes sense to me. Of course, I would work with other stars and would like to work with other stars if possible.

It just has to make sense to me.


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