Ask Luckey: Gio & Romeo’s Dirty Talk

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Hello Luckey,
I’m dropping you a quick note to say I love to visit your blog often and wanted to ask you to do some digging for your stars. I had already read about the breakup of Romeo and Gio but I came across an IG post from Rashad Lawrence, which he has now deleted, linking him as Romeo’s new bae. With Rashad and Gio being co-stars on the Dirty Talk show, I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the show’s removal from Vimeo. The timing of the removal circles around too close the breakup. I also wanted to commend you on posting about web series being too much about sex. I know every series can’t be just like DL Chronicles and Noah’s Arc but they should strive to build a well though out story with realistic, relatable characters. Lately when I see a new series announced and the whole cast looks like everyone is less than 22, I don’t bother with it. Thanks for all that you do.

Allan B.


Dirty Talk "The Shortie Series" from HD PRODUCTIONS ORIGINAL SERIES on Vimeo.

Dear Allan B,

Thank you so much for the support. I love connecting with my starz.

I have no idea why Gio and Romeo broke up and I think it’s awfully odd that Romeo moved on so fast. To be brutally honest, I don’t know much about “Dirty Talk” the web series. I kinda checked out after a few episodes of “Climax”. I did hear about the show some time ago. I didn’t know the show was removed from Vimeo. I thought Romeo was allegedly dating another dude and Rashad/Roman was just an old friend. Either way, I think that shit is extremely narcissistic.

I had an ex friend who was fucking some random model while still dating his ex and after the ex found out about the affair on social media, the fool dumped the ex and got with the model. He didn’t give AF not one bit. Of course, he has a sex addiction and cheats on his new “supply” all the time. This was indeed the first time I was aware I was dealing with a narcissist. Thank God we aren’t friends now. These narc demons are everywhere and porn is their playground.

Considering that we don’t know what happen between Gio and Romeo, we can only speculate and it may not be what it seems. I almost forgot Romeo dated Prince Taj back in the day. I heard that breakup was something ugly as well. I hate seeing people break up but sometimes its for the best. I know Gio and Romeo went through some hard times together. Whatever happen between them, it’s their story to tell. I commend Gio for keeping mum and moving on with his life.

I am glad you enjoyed my article. When I wrote it, I knew that I was going to face opposition but apparently I am not the only one who feels some type of way. I guess porn models gotta stay relevant somehow. With these porn studios closing up, there is only so many opportunities that one can get. I wonder what 2018 have in store for us with these web series.


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